Huge Jacket Launching Barge For McDermott Delivered By Hitachi

Intermac 650, a jacket launching barge built for McDermott Incorporated of New Orleans, was completed recently at the Osaka (Sakai) Works of Hitachi Zosen. After delivery, the barge set out on its maiden voyage to Louisiana. The largest barge of its kind in the world,


Ted Ellis Joins Crowley Maritime

Ted Ellis has joined Crowley Maritime Corporation's Caribbean Division, Jacksonville, Fla., as director of sales, according to a recent announcement by Robert G. Homan, senior vice president of the division. Mr. Ellis was formerly vice president

McAllister Orders Three 4,290-Hp Tugs

McAllister Brothers, Inc., 17 Battery Place, New York, N.Y., has placed an order with Main Iron Works, Inc. of Houma, La., for the construction of three 4,290-hp tugboats at a cost of $4 million. James P. McAllister, president, in announcing the contract award,

Colt Industries To Build Fairbanks Morse Diesels To Power ODECO's Ocean Ranger

Colt Industries' Fairbanks Morse -Engine Division of Beloit, Wis., has received an order for four diesel engines that will supply all of the electrical power for a huge offshore drilling rig;—the Ocean Ranger. The engines will be built for Ocean Drilling and Exploration Co.

VU-GAGE Safeguards Crew From Chemical And Petroleum Fumes

VU-GAGE is a system designed to safeguard tanker and barge crew members from exposure to chemical and petroleum fumes, and to enable vessels to meet present and pending regulations concerning the emission of such fumes. The system consists of

Dravo Awarded Two Contracts Totaling $7 Million

Dravo Corporation, Pittsburgh, Pa., has received two contracts totaling $7 million for the design, engineering and construction of a coal barge unloading system and a 40-cell dock at Allegheny Power Systems' Pleasants Power Station at Willow Island, W.

Icebreaker Barge With Twin Notches In Stern Leads Arctic Sealift

The 10th annual Arctic Marine Freighters sealift to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, has departed from Seattle, Wash., according to an announcement by Roy D. Jurgensen, Seattle, executive vice president of Crowley Maritime Corporation's Offshore Group. The

Alstom Integrated Controls For Clough Offshore

Alstom's A Series, its popular range of integrated control system, was recently purchased by Clough Offshore. The A Series was launched last spring as a new, affordable system which encompassed all of the latest technology and design features sought

Amerada Hess To Build Five Catug Units At Cost Of $283,800,000

Assistant Secretary Robert J. Blackwell, U.S. Department of Commerce, Maritime Administration, has approved in principle an application from Amerada Hess Corporation, 1185 Avenue of the Americas, New York, N.Y., for a Title XI guarantee to aid

TTS Delivers W o r l d 's Largest S k i d d i n g System

Total Transportation Systems (International) A/S (TTS), through their U.S. subsidiary Kenmark Industries Inc. of Newport News, Va., has completed the world's largest platform jacket launch skidding system. The 200-ton system, which is able to exert a pushing force of 6,

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